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Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles at Lamborghini Newport Beach

Lamborghini Newport Beach CPO

Lamborghini Newport Beach prides itself on offering the best new and quality pre-owned bulls here in our showroom located here in Orange County California.  Each of our available pre-owned Lamborghini vehicles is hand-picked ensuring we offer only exotics that meet our strict standards.  In addition to hand selecting each used Lamborghini we offer for sale, Lamborghini Newport Beach offers a factory-authorized "Certified Pre-Owned Program" which is completed here on site by our factory trained technicians using only Lamborghini-approved original parts.  Only Lamborghini vehicles that are still within their original warranty period are eligible to be qualified for Lamborghini's "Certified Pre-Owned Program".


For more information, we invite you to contact our Service Department:

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The strict standards ensures that each Lamborghini bearing the "Lamborghini Certified Pre-Owned" title is primed and ready for many more miles of enjoyment.  As a factory-authorized Lamborghini dealership, we are able to inspect and qualify approved Lamborghini vehicles once they have passed our +150 point inspection.  The inspection sheet is vast and includes the following:



  • VIN verfication
  • VIN tags untampered
  • Routine maintenance performed and up-to-date
  • Service and recall campaigns performed
  • Mileage discrepency
  • Vehicle history


  • Paint condition check (scratches/chips/etc)
  • Body panel damage
  • Alignment and fit of body panels
  • Front and Rear headlight lenses condition
  • Soft top condition (convertible)
  • Trim, body seals, and mouldings
  • Windshield and window glass condition
  • Wheel and tire condition
  • Vehicle lighting check (hazard lights, low beams, high beams, brake lights, side markers, turn signals)
  • Door locking mechanism and remote function
  • Engine pulleys and belts
  • Cylinder compression
  • Cooling system and fans
  • Exhaust gas recirculation system and test
  • Internal engine noise
  • Oil pump system
  • Battery voltage test
  • Battery condition overall
  • Tire pressure and tread depth
  • Tire damage and wear
  • Wheel condition and hubcap
  • Lug bolts torque
  • Brake system components (calipers, discs/rotors, pads, hoses, pumps)
  • Powertrain components (drive shafts, CV joints, mounts, brackets)
  • Suspension system components (shocks, springs, alignment, tie rods, ball joints, torsion bar, suspension arms, bushings)


  • Steering wheel and airbags
  • Steering wheel tilt and telescoping adjustment
  • Switches and Button function check (any and all inside)
  • Seat condition and electronics function check (heating, adjustment, lumbar support)
  • Seat belt condition, operation, and slack adjustment
  • Roof panel and sun visor
  • Instrument cluster display and center console display
  • Operation of all instruments
  • Time/Clock accuracy and adjustment
  • Interior lights, courtsey lights, and button lights
  • Windshield wiper and washer function
  • Horn operation and steering wheel lock mechanism
  • Air conditioning and heating system function
  • Cigarette lighter, ashtray, and cupholder
  • Navigation and Infotainment System
  • CD changer
  • Rear view camera
  • Parking sensor and proximity warning
  • On-board tool kit


  • Engine oil and coolant level
  • Transmission and Differential oil level
  • Brake system
  • Power steering system (including 4-wheel steering if equipped)
  • Windshield washer fluid level


  • Engine performance
  • Engine calibration and settings
  • Starter operation (cold and warm)
  • Transmission operation and noise
  • Transmission shift points and gear change
  • Steering operation and noise
  • Suspension noise and comfort
  • Noise/Vibration/Harshness tests
  • Air Condition and Heating systems check