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Few - if any - flight simulation products on the market today blur the lines between fantasy and reality as much as Saitek Industries' one-of-a-kind X52 Pro Flight Control System. Building upon the unbelievably capable X52 Flight System, the X52 Pro brings PC gamers twice the number of non-contact, magnetic hall sensors for even better response, smoother control input, and exceptional accuracy that's frighteningly similar to the hardware found in actual aircraft. It also boasts a completely programmable, user-customizable MFD screen that brings users the ultimate in personalization so they can aviate exactly as they prefer. Both the throttle and joystick feature an insane amount of multifunctional buttons, control knobs, and switches that rival the most capable cockpit components in use in real-world 21st Century aviation.

Connects via a USB 2.0 port and is compatible with Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 operating systems. The absolute best, most realistic computer aviation hardware you'll find anywhere - at an equally unbelievable price!




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The E.

The Perfect Match

After days of research and reading reviews I at last settled on the X52 Pro as the joystick for me. After having some time to get to know the instrument I have to say: it was worth every cent. The joystick and throttle themselves are sturdy and well-made with quality and longevity clearly being near the top of the design priorities. There are quite a few buttons but none of them feel out of place or awkward as the whole system seems to flow together very nicely. The configuration software is equally impressive by allowing for easy and intuitive programming and loading of profiles. The MFD display still seems to lack any serious utility (as did the X52) but its far from a deal-breaker. The feel of the joystick is perfect for the realism and deft receptiveness I've been seeking and its a piece of hardware I plan to have with me for a long time.

Shulin City, Taiwan

Almost perfect

I have been flightsimming for more than 20 years now and this really is the best joystick I have ever operated! The only thing is, the base of the stick with the plate it slides across are both made of aluminium. When using the same metals on each other they 'bite' into each other. So when I need to apply 'finger pressure', I have to first gently yank the stick out of the 'bite'. Trying to steadily hover a helo is for that reason near to impossible. I asked Saitek how to lubricate, hoping that would improve the situation; they suggested candlewax. That helped a little but not enough. I use copious amounts of normal bearing grease now (by lack of something better as easily available to me), which is an improvement. But because of the same-metal 'biting', I have to grease the touching parts quite often. The display, however, is not very useful at all. Before I had the Multi-Function Panel I tried using that built-in display and operate AP settings, but it is too troublesome; by the time values were properly changed I had already crashed.

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